Imperial Oak Apartments 42 OSABU STREET,

Imperial Oak Apartments will be IHL’s second development in Abelenkpe after Imperial Court. It will be 7 Number 2 bedroom apartment developments with each measuring 120m2 with ensuite baths, living area, dining and kitchen. It will have adequate parking, standby generator, internet and telephone , water treatment, storage and pumping system, lush landscaping, security systems and 24 hour facilities management services..

  • Adequate parking
  • 24-hour facility management services
  • Water Treatment
  • Water storage and pumping system
  • Telephone and internet system
  • Standby Generator
  • Lush landscaping
  • Security systems

Direct Sales/Cash Buyer
    • 100% Payment


Standard Mortgage Terms
  • Commitment fee of 5% of purchase price
  • 15% upon signing The Sales and Purchase Agreement
  • 80% Mortgage Payment

* We welcome client’s proposals of terms
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